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SG Finans - now part of Nordea Finance

On October 1st, SG Finans became part of Nordea Finance. The company is marketed under the trademark Nordea Finance and has the legal name Nordea Finance Equipment AS


Leasing is a type of financing for all types of machinery, equipment and vehicles for business and the public sector. We pay the equipment's purchase price to the supplier and your company disposes the equipment as its own.

  • Up to 100% financing
  • Release of working capital
  • Better financial diversification

Frequently asked questions about the merger

Does Nordea Finance Equipment have the same organisation number as SG Finans? Arrow Down

Nordea Finance Equipment AS will have the same organisation number as it had when it was called SG Finans AS.

What happens going forward? Arrow Down

Nordea Finance Equipment AS will until further notice continue as a separate legal entity within Nordea.

What is the difference between Nordea Finans and Nordea Finance Equipment? Arrow Down

SG Finans joins Nordea Finance. The current local companies in Nordea Finans and the new Nordea Finance Equipment (formerly SG Finans) will for the time being be two separate legal entities with limited opportunity to treat customers and partners as one entity until the companies are integrated in the future.

Who can I turn to if I have questions? Arrow Down

If you have a designated contact person, you can still contact this person until further notice. Otherwise you can contact customer service in the company you have an agreement with.

Will the company SG Finans cease to exist? Arrow Down

SG Finans as a company will continue as today, but the name will be changed to Nordea Finance Equipment.

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